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Aaron&Dennis Angkor Wat 2013

Aaron & Dennis have owned dogs all throughout their life. Together they have owned Akitas since 2011. They enjoy sharing their home and life with both Akitas and Kitty Kats! It takes a lot of work to live harmoniously and we enjoy every minute of it—even the early 3 a.m. hours.


Aaron has always had dogs in his life. He grew up outside Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas with Labradors, German Wire Haired Pointers, and miniature schnauzers. While in graduate school, Aaron acquired his first Akita to be his pal in 2006. The two loved each other quite a bit and learned a lot about dog ownership and animals bred from “backyard” breeding practices.

In 2011, he purchased an Akita from Monica & Greg Colvin at Gekko Akitas with the intention of exploring performance sports. Monica encouraged Aaron to attend a conformation dog show, where Aaron fell in love with the sport and competition. It wasn’t soon after; that Aaron started entering conformation shows with new best friend—Sangatsu. Aaron enjoys the trust that is built between handler and dog while training and exhibiting in Conformation shows and Obedience trials.


Aaron is committed to promoting responsible dog ownership and demystifying the misguided belief that purebred dogs are a cancer to the pet overpopulation problem in America. Meanwhile there are irresponsible backyard breeding practitioners among us that contribute to the problem—there are responsible and ethical breeders that have a systematic and rational reasoning behind their breeding plans. Aaron talks more about his views in his blogs!

Aaron is a member in good standing with the Akita Parent Club, Belle-City Kennel Club where he chairs the Outreach Committee, and the Mound City Obedience Club where he served as Recording Secretary for 2013 and 2014 and has served as Chief Ring Steward and Trial Secretary at past obedience trials.


Dennis grew up in Manila, Philippines, and has always enjoyed the company of dogs but has a special place in his heart for cats. Dennis believes in positive reinforcement training methods. Meanwhile, Dennis doesn’t exhibit in the show or trial rings he is vital in the training of our dogs at home. Normally when a new exercise is to be learned, Dennis is at the forefront teaching it in a positive reinforcement way. Meanwhile, Aaron comes in to clean it up a bit for the ring and drills it in formal practice. Dennis lays the foundation, and Aaron polishes it up!

Dennis and Aaron currently reside in a small community in Illinois, about thirty-minutes outside of Saint Louis, Missouri. We exhibit in Conformation and Obedience and travel all over the Midwest to show off the qualities of our dogs. We are looking to venture into Tracking soon. We haven’t quite caught the Rally bug, but we are eying it.


We believe strongly in ethics and developing a high quality and ethical breeding program based on systematic and pragmatic methods. We aren’t currently breeding nor do we have any immediate plans. However, we do have friends who have breeding plans in the next year. If you would assistance in connecting with one of them, please contact us.

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