There are a variety of organizations available to the public to collobarate with in a shared and common interest. I am a member of a variety of clubs, feel free to browse their websites by clicking their logo on the right. They provide an ample amount of resoruces for your study in the Akita! The only one not listed to the right would be the American Kennel Club which is a club of all clubs. All of the orgnaizations menitoned to the right are a member of this Club congolomarte!

Akita Rescue Groups

MARS Serving Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin, Michigan, Ohio, Missouri & Minnesota

Akita Rescue of Tulsa Serving Oklahoma

These are the rescue groups bordering our area. There are many other terrific orgnaizations serving Akita's, to fine one near you visit the ACA Rescue page.


Breeder Mentors, Friends, Folks I Admire

Gekko Akitas Gal who got me started!

Matagi Akitas Wealth of knowledge and provided me with my foundation bitch--Skate.

In alphabetical order….

Liberty Akitas

Nakodo Akitas

Shinto Akitas


Health Resources

Canine Eye Registration Foundation

Canine Health Informaion Center

Orthopedic Foundation for Animals


The Plug

Best Friends Animal Hospital

Dog Day Afternoon

Dog Sports at Kim's

Neat Feet Stack Blocks by Sae Si Whippets & Chinese Cresteds

Wickets by Double Ring Kuvasz

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