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Gekko's Isis Sangatsu PCD, BN, CGC

Sangybear is one of the sweetest dogs I have ever had. Her temperament is a loving sweet natured one. She enjoys giving kisses and leaning on people during her walks and grooming sessions. Monica & Gregory Colvin at Gekko Akitas were kind enough to allow me to bring this special gal home with me.

I originally got Sangatsu to explore performance events in the AKC. However, I fell in love with her lovely type and showed her in the conformation ring. She enjoyed showing, meeting spectators, and stretching her legs with the judges. Meanwhile she no longer shows in conformation and is focusing in the obedience ring, she did earn a major under Judge Dr. Daniel W Fleitas at the Wichita Kennel Club show on 4/7/13, and 8 singles under a variety of well respected breeder and handler judges.

Sangatsu wants nothing more than to please me and it’s a pleasure to work with her. Occasionally she’ll get bored and pull some funny stunts during practice or in the actual Competition ring, but that’s part of her silly nature! Obedience judges are always amazed to see this breed in the ring. The flash and dedicated attention she brings to the ring delights judges and spectators alike.

Sangatsu ranked as the 3rd Top Novice Obedience Akita for 2013 in the nation according to Front & Finish using the Delaney System.

Sangatsu ranked as the 4th Top Obedience Akita for 2013 in the nation according to Akita Performance Rankings by Deb Fletcher.



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Gekko's Isis Sangatsu HOT 2012 Move

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If you would like to see more photos of Sangatsu click on one of the albums to the left. Her 5 Generation Pedigree and 9 Generation Pedigree is also available.

Sire: CH Mystik's That's My Brotha

Dam: CH Gekko's Dancin' In The Moonlight RN, CGC

Breeder: Monica & Gregory Colvin (Gekko Akitas)

DOB: March 4, 2011

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